Character-designs finished

The character-designs of the party are finally done, and the blog will be the first one to see the whole gallery.  Hope you’ll like them.









Next chapter-part (first of the next chapter) is coming out next week.


4 thoughts on “Character-designs finished

    • Strange, MioChin said me, that every time he has to draw Kenta, he has an urge to punch him. xD

      OK, joke aside (as true as it is), when we were considering the design of Kenta, one was clear as day: There should be no way to call Kenta handsome. So MioChin made him kinda coolish, but more like: He could be cool if he wouldn’t look that annoyed and arrogant all the time. But imagining how the long-haired Kenta in his usual roundish form has an expression like that makes it hard to recognize that coolness. Especially if he’s smirking. 😀

      But it’s not like it’d be totally unreasonable for a girl to fall for him, if he has a cool moment. Rine saw Kenta at his best, Kyou, on the other hand…

      Thanks for the comment! =3


      • An annoyed-looking and arrogant loner still shows confidence and enough strength to be independent, which can be considered cool and intriguing, or wrong and repulsive – all depends on the chosen point of view, of course^^

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