Volume 3 – Chapter 3-2

And here is the second and final part of chapter 3.And here is the second and final part of chapter 3. Things are still going quiet, it’s more about the characters than the plot, but the relationship between them is quite important as well.

Hope that New Year went well for you, and that 2017 will be the blast. While some bad things happened in 2016, many good things also happened, it’s sad that you have to look on the internet to learn such amazing things like how the population of pandas (now taken off from the endangered list) and tigers, the fight against Ebola, and such. Look up “Good Things that Happened in 2016” and you get many, many lists with amazing news, that somehow had a hard time appearing in the news… Get some optimism back! 😉

Now that Volume 3 have all illustrations finished, MioChin and I will finally make the final adjustments on Kyou’s and Rine’s character designs and maybe the remake of the cover of Volume 1 will be finished before the third volume ends… which would mean, that I can start my expansion on more sites. 😉

My proofreaders are coming back from their own New Year, so I hope to return to a somewhat weekly release schedule.

And finally: Please vote on TWF! 😀


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