Answer to the question whether to change the tense or not

For those who didn’t know: I was considering rewriting the story into past tense and I now have reached the decision: I won’t.

Now I’ll go a bit into the details: I start because of a native reader and writer I like and who invited me into a group of others writers, who complained about the tense, after finally starting volume 3 after a break. He was a bit disillusioned because I had some proper proofreading and a better grasp of the English language at that point, which means: My use of present tense was more constant (because in my native tongue, the use of tenses is more fluent). He told me, that present tense is jarring to read, and that it’ll be hard to continue as a reader this way.

This made me thinking, but I needed more input. I asked other native speakers (like my proofreaders), then I asked my readers on RRL (since I have about 900 followers there now), to get more input.

Finally, I decided to try rewriting some parts on my PC, to see how it works. And even after editing and rewriting, etc., it was no good. Too much work, too many changes in wording, the change of flow, it’s clear as day, that this would blow this hobby out of proportion.

For those who like past tense more, I’m sorry. But please put up with this. ^^’ I try out something else, which should address you, but I won’t go into details, before I’m sure it’ll be possible.


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