Volume 3 – Chapter 1-1

And we finally have it. When working with multiple people it’s hard to match timetables, especially if you try it within your free-time and live on other ends of the globe.

Not much to say here, a bit of insight what happened until the day the third volume starts and how the story of the prologue turned out. Here we have an image right from the get-go, but there are only 3 black-white images planned for the volume and it’ll take some time until we get to the next.

Next time we set the beginning of the next goal and we look what happened behind poor Kenta’s back. 😉

EDIT: Nobody told me, that the story was finally included in Top Weekly Fictions, so: Please vote on Top Weekly Fiction, takes only a moment. Don’t need an account or something like that, but it’ll boost the story’s publicity.


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