Volume 3 Preview

And here is the main-page for Volume 3 (cover is still in work, but from what I was seeing so far, it’ll look great!), there is a blurb written by me as well. Might edit it, when I get help from some people again, but it should give you the gist of what to expect.

Otherwise, here are bit and pieces of the coming work, I expect to start releasing it in mid-October.

[You just crushed them!] – Was it their hopes, their souls or maybe something even more precious?

[“Yay! The second wife-conference! *Pachipachipachi*”] – What is that supposed to be!?

[“Thank you, I thought we would be doomed. I’m a merchant. The name is Correo.” Sounds Italian to me. Yes, I guess the complexion would be also similar. “And how is your name, brave barbarian?”] – A merchant, which will show the characters what to do next.

[“Ken, now that we’re here, we have to talk.”] – Kyou has something important to say to Kenta.

[The elves I saw in games and movies are beautiful humanoids. They have pointy ears, but otherwise they look like slim humans. But how do I say… these ones look strange.] – Finally they meet the elves, but they are looking different…

[“Welcome to my research facility. I’m the one in charge, Ara’ainn.”] – Research? That doesn’t sound good.

[“…Why are there dead squirrels in my bed?”] – A question everyone has at some point of their life.

[“WE’RE HEROES, YOU MONSTERS!”] – Someone clearly has a bad day.


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