Alpha-draft Katarine von Stolzherz aka Rine

This might be the most anticipiated, even though we already are at a later state. Rine is sure popular among the readers. 😉 MioChin drew her without knowing how to design her armor, which would take two other drafts, before we could get to it. Same goes for her weapon.

We had also a discussion how to make her headband, I’m still excited about how that will turn out. Since the drawing is more or less just for a first look to decide where to improve, there are still some cut corners, especially since some poses are difficult to draw fast (you can see it in the lower middle, where Rine is supposed to look at you with upturned eyes and due the pose, there is a bit of a shift in her stomach-area. But since positioning, poses and the overall design were in focus, she seems a bit small-eyed and chubby there, this is fixed later on).

I like how her faces are giving away a certain childishness and even though Rine will be the last of the MCs, who get some artistic love, it’s great to have first designs of all characters. This really makes my imagination runs wild, making it simpler to imagine how the characters move and look like, while writing about them.


Alpha-draft Rine by MioChin


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