Volume 02 – Epilogue

And here it is, the end of the main-story in Volume 2! Now we miss just the Extras and the Afterword, before everything will go on a break for a while. Not that I plan to not work on the story on the break.

During the break, I will continue writing the first draft for volume 4 (even though I’m a bit concerned, that I have too less story in the end, since the 4 characters eats up many pages, but we’ll see, I suppose), and I want to edit the former chapters, starting with Volume 1. The goal is, to make the story viable to share on more websites, to get a bit more of audience and to see, if it’s remotely worth it to make a published version (which would have additional scenes and material).

The Extra and Afterword might be out next week or the week after, I still need to edit it myself, before I can give it to the editors, but currently, I’m a bit occupied.

And finally some words from my new editor

Hello guys, I’m TheDarkLink. I’ll be editing from now on. Comment on stuff we missed below. Ok that’s all. Bye guys.


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