Alpha-draft Katsuragi Kenta

MioChin is on a roll and has made some character-designs over the course of only few days. But I like to share the first of Kenta so far. Each class has still different armor, we were looking for a good design, simple and practical, for his more or less starter-gear.

The face is well-made (MioChin told me, that he wants to punch him, whenever he draws Kenta, because he’s that unsympathic), but we’re still shortening the hair in his Volume 2 version (which is more or less his actual standard design).

With changes like these, keep looking forward the finished design. 😉


Alpha-character-design of Katsuragi Kenta made by MioChin

The Epilogue of the story will be released tomorrow. Got an editor, which did well with that. 😀


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