Volume 2 – Chapter 4-3

The last part of the final real chapter, only Epilogue, Extras and Afterword left. This time, I got someone to edit it and the difference really shows. But I really still want and need an editor, who does that regularly, so if you’re interested, please comment. ._.

The chapter has the whole climax, which might or not might be what you’ve expected. When writing it, everything was written fluently, without anything like breaks, so it ended up as a big part, after I split the chapter for releasing. Here we can observe, how Masahiko sees Kenta’s behavior and how much Kenta actually cares about the ‘Superfriends’, as BlaiseCorvin from RRL calls them.

I don’t know when I have time to release the Epilogue, I think much of that depends on, if I get with a more aggressive approach actually an editor, and how many people will apply. But I hope it’s done within next week.



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