Alpha-draft Momokawa Kyou

Maybe you know the feeling, when you’re not necessary proud of your skills in something, but also not too ashamed? I have that feeling with my drawings, I like to think of myself as ‘just beyond the horrible spectrum’, I’m nowhere good, but I don’t totally suck.

Well, today I tasted defeat in one single, lethal blow. And I love it!

My artist MioChin has started his work, and just sent me an alpha-draft of the character-design of Kyou. He took my own drawing as a base and improved it in ways, I can’t even describe. I just fell in love with it, after I got over my initial shock, which was like “Who’s that? Wait, that’s Kyou!” And I like to share that experience with everyone, who follows my blog. You get a taste of this fine piece of work, which will still improve, before the readers on RoyalRoad! Be proud!


Alpha-draft character-design Momokawa Kyou by MioChin


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