Volume 2 – Chapter 4-2

Middle-part of the fourth chapter of the second book. Well, more like fulling up to the middle of the chapter, since the next part will be twice as long as a regular chapter-part, since most of it is taken by the climax-scene, which is one single scene from Kenta’s POV. I really wrote that first draft in one session only, that’s how immersed I was. I could part it in 6 and 14 pages of my document, but that would cut into the reading experience even more than normal. ^^’

I finished the first draft of the second chapter of Volume 4, which fills me with pride, since it’s hard to keep the balance between action and character-interactions I’m aiming for, without beginning to throw  big storylines into the mix. And that’s not what I’m aiming for, at least yet. Begin slow and don’t hurry. 😉

I’ll post the next part (which will end the fourth chapter) net week, most likely at the weekend, since it’s like I said, twice as long as regular parts.  So I want to take some more time to prepare. After that is done, there are only the Epilogue, the Extras and the Afterword left.

Btw, I made a new synopsis for RoyalRoadL, for that I have to thank BlaiseCorvin and ResonantIce, the first one was the one, who wrote it and the second one criticized it. 😉


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