Volume 02 – Chapter 4-1

Here is the first part of the final chapter of volume 2. It’s most likely become a 3-parter. Then the Epilogue, the Extras and the Afterword! In this part, the stage is about to set up.

Like some of you already saw, I finally was able to get a paypal button on the sidebar and even a patreon link. I can’t offer much, but as long I don’t get vast amounts, I’ll use the money to pay this hobby, which means, that I’ll throw it at MioChin for more drawings, the moment he can work for me (like I said before, he have prior arrangements at the moment).

Next part may be difficult, but i’ll try to post it at the end of the week. I just have a lot to do, most of them things I don’t like to. -_-‘

EDIT: Just finished the draft of the Extras. Writing from Rine’s perspective is hard (even though I already did it in volume 3’s draft)!


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