MioChin joins the project

I’ve hired an artist, MioChin, whose work I saw on deviantart. Since MioChin was making commissions anyway, I asked directly if he’s willing to make some artwork and after he read my work, he was all up for it.

Since prior engagements, he won’t much time the next two weeks, but after that time, we’ll step up the game by another notch (hopefully). Check out his gallery to get a feeling, how this might turn out. 😉

Now onto the shameless part: So that I can feed MioChin, it would be great, if some people would donate a little bit via paypal. I’m also considering making a patreon-account, but I’m still busy this week, so maybe I’ll check it out, after I got the time to prepare the next chapter part.

As long as I don’t get vast amounts, I’ll only use the money to pay MioChin for more work, since currently I don’t strive to become a professional author, it’s a past-time. I have the wish to make it pay itself, but I make these things for fun. So even if I get more, I would rather hire a professional editor next to eliminate all the mistakes I make.


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