Volume 02 – Chapter 2-2

Part 2 of the second chapter is here. I decided to split the remaining second parts in two after all, for time reasons. I plan to publish the rest on Saturday.

Like some of you know, I joined a new group in RRL, litRPG Society. It’s a group with other writers of stories with game-like elements, which were discovered by BlaiseCorvin, who’s not only liking the genre, but our stories, too. I don’t know how much I will put into that group, but I guess I can be proud to be part of it.

By the way, is it normal that the more followers and favorites you get, the lower your rating gets? Or is it because of the quitters, while the actual readers won’t rate? Well, I get new ones every time I release a chapter, so I have to ignore that, like that one guy who talk about things in a review, which didn’t happen and he didn#t change it, even after I told him that Kyou-san didn’t one-hit that Ss’rak guard and that it clearly doesn’t outlevel her, since 1.) non-heroes don’t have levels and 2.) a debuffed Kenta in [Student]-class was a match for one of those.

After getting that out of my system: Next time. It’s practically like what I said last time for this chapter, sorry for that. ^^’


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