Volume 02 – Chapter 2-1 plus second Poll

Here is the first part of the second chapter and it’s the part, where we got a new main-character, Rine. Sadly, looking back, this is just not the moment to get a deep look into her character, since Kenta is mostly only thinking about his schemes.  But of course there are times, within this volume, where we will get a good impression on that princess. ^^’


And like promised, the second poll for this volume, this time it’s including old and new choices. This will be open for about two weeks, since I need the preperation time. And remember the first poll, it’s still on!


Next time is the second and final part of Chapter 2, this time it’s less pages, so the part will instead be longer. It’ll bring insight in Rine as a character, as well bring new problems. It may be out in Tuesday or Wednesday.


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