The Amazing Adventures of Akageno-Sennin 01

The next part of ‘I hate being wed in a fantasy-world’ will be most likely posted tomorrow, but I sometimes I want to write something entirely different and so I did and publish it now, since I’m looking forward how people will react to it. I’m talking about the first story of The Amazing Adventures of Akageno-Sennin.

This is a character I used to have on a roleplay forum, and it was not a player character, but my game master account. I left the forum some years ago for time-reasons and when I had time again, people got into the GM, I don’t like.

Writing as Akageno-Sennin (or Perso-Senin, who ‘changed his name’ to fit his ‘new task and the setting’) was always fun. Most of the players thought so too, since he didn’t make any sense at all and so I decided to revive that character again. This time as short stories, when I don’t want to think hard about what I want to write. A bit for a change of pace.

I won’t let these stories interfere with my real attempt of a novel, which is still ‘I hate being wed in a fantasy world!’, it’s only to relax a bit. So there is no schedule and no way to bring me to write another story unless I’m in the mood.

But enjoy it. Here is the first story!


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