Volume 02 – Preview

I promised you the preview of Volume 02 and while I added the page and the synopsis of Volume 02 a few days ago already (there you can check the new cover), here is another form of a preview.

Also added a summary of Volume 01 for those, who already read it and want to refresh their memory, when they start volume 02. So if you haven’t check out the first volume yet, don’t read it, it’s pure spoiler. But good, if you lost the outline of the story, since you read too many fiction to remember everything.

But now let’s take a look at the new preview.

[Uh, Kyou-san is looking at me as if I have licked her recorder. It’s a mix of shock and disgust.] – Kyou-san looks are as descriptive as ever.

[“500,000 Newgold for the ones, who bring her back! And double if unharmed!”] – A large sum for a recovery mission.

[“Ken, could it be, that we’re actually the worst?”] – A bit of self-awareness is showing.

[Their enemy is a single blonde girl, her hair just reaches her shoulders and is held back by a black hairband. She wears hardened leather armor pieces above her breast, arms and legs and wields a long, slender blade.] – A new main-character makes her appearance.

[“And you, Kyou? What would be your ideal?”] – What are Kyou’s tastes in men?

[“DAMN IT! I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!”] – Kenta is facing new peril. Some things never change.

[But seeing Ken getting beat will fill me with pure joy, because he deserves it.] – Someone is trying to make life hard for Kenta and Kyou will enjoy it. How evil!

The second volume will start next week. Kenta’s personal hell will reach the next level! 😉



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