Volume 01 – Afterword

With this, volume 1 is officially finished. Congratulations to myself, I really did it. Now I deserve a break, which isn’t really a break for me, since I’ll prepare volume 2 and continue to write volume 3’s first draft, but I’ll take that time easy.

Those who also looks at my story in RoyalRoad, please click on the Extras, when they appear there (I’m beginning to post them now), so I can get a more accurate number of viewers. 😉

Imagewise, I’m currently working on Volume 2’s cover (I also added a text-cover of volume 1 here before) and for some reason, I already did a draft for the volume 3 extra (chibi is even weaker than normal drawings and in volume 1’s one I kept failing at Kyou’s head and got so frustrated at some point, that I just ignored it).

I want to try to make a header, but seriously, being confined in a definite form makes it hard to fill the space in a way, that makes sense and seems interesting. Or good-looking. -_-‘

Still need an editor, who does a lingual overhaul to the chapters. -_-‘

But oh well, just keep going, hamster!

Next week or so I’ll publish a preview of the second volume. Until then, it’s break time from publishing! I’ll still answer comments and other forms of communication. ^^


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