Poll 1 closed

The polls on this blog and RoyalRoad are closed, the result is in and I’ll work on the Extra, I hope to make it happen until Wednesday.

I also began working on some new pictures, one cover for volume 02, and a image for RoyalRoad, which will present 4 characters. I plan to make one additional CG for the new main character in the second volume, but need to decide on a pose.

Some may have also noticed, that I have re-organized volume 01 a bit, so that it might be easier to access the pages. Also added an image-page to it.

I added a donation-link in “Help”, but seriously, that’s only for those, who don’t need that money!

Finally, I added a spoiler from Volume 02 for those, who may be interested:

Teru-chan had a higher score than me and I felt the difference.”


Kurosawa Teruko. … One of our classmates? … My friend?”

The one with the ponytail?”

That’s Eri-chan. Teru-chan is small and cute.”

Ah, the shrimp. So she’s called… Teru?”

Kurosawa Teruko. Can’t you remember your classmates names?”

You remember that I don’t care about these guys at all? Let me count… I know five names at all. Well, six now. Kurosaki Teruko!”

…I want to make a comment, but I don’t know where to begin.” Kyou-san is holding her head, as if she have headaches.



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