Volume 1 – Chapter 4-3

Final part of the final chapter of volume 1. Since I finished one step in character developement of Kenta, I wanted to add one for Kyou as well, so this part was added after the first draft (plus a lot that leads to it). Hope you enjoy.

Now to the planning of the rest of the content of Volume 01. I try to get the Epilogue ready next week (most likely Wednesday), on Friday 24th June I will evaluate the poll (here and on Royal Road) and start writing the Extra. It should be out on Wednesday 29th, if there are no problems.

Then the first volume will be completed and I start working on the second, which is still in its first draft state. So there may be a one or two week break, before the second volume starts, but I may bring some supplement out. And of course a preview. 😉

The third volume is under work toward the first draft. Almost finished with the second chapter.

Next time, the Epilogue. You know, that part which ties some ends and brings some new insight of things to come.


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