Volume 01 – Chapter 3-2

The second part of three is out. No action-scenes, it’s more about calming down and interaction between the characters. A small breather and that it’s time to use desperate means!

Thanks for your support, even though it doesn’t like it on this blog, the series seems to be moderately successful, with more than a hundred followers on RoyalRoad and a decent rating. Again, thank you!

The CG for Kyou is almost finished and I’ll try to post it later with Kenta’s second draft (which I want to turn into a CG as well and put it later with Kyou’s CG in one image, to create a provisional cover for volume 01), plus one extra for a character of volume 02.
Next time: After a night’s sleep, you often get new ideas how to address your problems. Some are great. Others… aren’t. Expect it on Wednesday at the earliest.




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