Volume 01 – Chapter 2-2

Here it is, finally. The second part, which rings another beginning. It’s where romance may start or, on the other hand, will be destroyed bit by bit, if both of them can’t get it together.


I also finished the first draft of the second volume, now I won’t touch it for at least a week, so I can get a better look at it from a more distant point of view. I only began releasing this series, after I have written and overhauling the first volume completely, to look if this would be more than a nine day wonder. And now I got even a second volume and already started to make plannings on the third.


Even the reception on RoyalRoad is better than expected, being a non-native and all. Even though the rating there is quite low, since there are only 4 of them and people tend to readily express a bad impression, but are more hesitant expressing a good one, I guess. Of course it’s understandable, since the story just started and readers are still wondering, if this will be bad or good.


Next part might be finished by tomorrow. There we will take a first look at the new system and how this works for Kenta and Kyou. A horrible situation just turned into an unfavorable one, so it’s finally going upwards for a bit.


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