Volume 01 – Chapter 1-1

Here is the first part of the first chapter. It’s kinda long, since I wanted to get out of the exposition-phase as fast as possible and introduce the female lead of this volume.

I’ll just link the chapters from now on, to decrease my workload after editing something. Speaking of editing, while looking over that chapter-part I realized once again, that I need an editor. Or at least someone, who’s willing to look and correct all the small and big mistakes I make, before posting a chapter-part. ^^’


I try to edit the next part around evening in my country and post it then. You may also follow the story on the Royal Road, even though there is always a time lack, since every chapter-part have to be checked beforehand.


What is left to say… Next time, on ‘I hate being wed in a fantasy world!’: The part who made me the happiest when writing: the characters’ interaction! An unlikely duo might be an archetype, but it won’t get boring anytime soon!


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